Today’s Top Tech Trends – April 05th 2023

Today's Top Tech Trends by Djamgatech and ChatGPT

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Today’s Top Tech Trends – April 05th 2023: Summary

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, Substack is introducing a new short-form ‘Notes’ feature that bears a striking resemblance to Twitter. This new offering aims to provide users with a fresh platform for sharing thoughts and ideas, sparking interest among content creators and consumers alike.

Entertainment enthusiasts have reason to celebrate, as many canceled HBO shows, including ‘Westworld’ and ‘Raised by Wolves,’ are now available on the Roku platform. This move allows fans to catch up on their favorite series and provides Roku users with an even richer library of content.

The automotive industry is moving full speed ahead with innovation, as the 2025 all-electric Ram 1500 Rev boasts a massive battery that could revolutionize the electric vehicle market. Additionally, the 2024 Hyundai Kona is attracting attention with its affordable price tag and over-the-air updates, making cutting-edge technology more accessible to a broader audience.

Mozart Data has announced a free tier on its platform, encouraging smaller businesses to leverage data analytics and transform their operations. By making their services more accessible, Mozart Data is helping to level the playing field between small enterprises and larger competitors.

In the creator economy, Pico, a Creator CRM company, has rebranded itself as Hype and raised $10 million in funding. This development is generating excitement among artists and influencers eager to harness the power of the rebranded platform to grow their online presence and manage their careers.

The US is grappling with a challenge in the crypto community, as it struggles to retain top blockchain developers who are seeking safer havens for their work. These talented individuals are exploring opportunities abroad, looking for more supportive environments for their innovative projects.

In immigration news, many startup founders and employees are seeking advice on how to transfer their H-1B visas and green cards to their new ventures. With experts like Sophie providing guidance, these individuals can navigate the complexities of the immigration process and contribute to the thriving tech ecosystem.

Coast, a demo platform for API-first companies, has secured $2.1 million in funding, enabling more businesses to develop, test, and showcase their API solutions. Meanwhile, Verto, a digital banking platform, has announced that a quarter of SVB customers operating in Africa have opened accounts with them, highlighting the rapid growth of the fintech sector.

April 05th top tech trends showcase the ongoing innovation and expansion within the industry, as new platforms, services, and developments continue to shape the way we live, work, and connect with one another.

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Today's Top Tech Trends - April 05th 2023 - AI Unraveled
Today’s Top Tech Trends – April 05th 2023 – AI Unraveled: Demystifying Frequently Asked Questions on Artificial Intelligence

Today’s Top Tech Trends – April 05th 2023: Top Tech Trends links

Substack’s new short-form ‘Notes’ feed looks a lot like Twitter;

Many canceled HBO shows, including ‘Westworld’ and ‘Raised by Wolves,’ are now on Roku;

The 2025 all-electric Ram 1500 Rev has an absolutely massive battery;

Mozart Data announces free tier to encourage smaller businesses to get on platform;

Creator CRM company Pico rebrands to Hype, raises $10 million;

The US is losing crypto talent as blockchain devs seek safer havens;

The 2024 Hyundai Kona will be one the most affordable cars with over-the-air updates;

Ask Sophie: How do we transfer H-1Bs and green cards to our startup?;

Coast, a demo platform for ‘API-first’ companies, lands $2.1M;

Verto claims a quarter of SVB customers operating in Africa are opening accounts on its platform;

Sony is reportedly developing a new PlayStation handheld;

ChatGPT vs Google Bard: Which is better? We put them to the test.;

Open garage doors anywhere in the world by exploiting this “smart” device;

Users fume after My Cloud network breach locks them out of their data;

Hackers exploit WordPress plugin flaw that gives full control of millions of sites;

These angry Dutch farmers really hate Microsoft;

3CX knew its app was flagged as malicious but took no action for 7 days;

AI-generated video of Will Smith eating spaghetti astounds with terrible beauty;

Trojanized Windows and Mac apps rain down on 3CX users in massive supply chain attack;

Pro-Russian hackers target elected US officials supporting Ukraine;

Fearing “loss of control,” AI critics call for 6-month pause in AI development;

Top Android Trends on April 05th, 2023

Apple reveals details of its first store in India;

vivo T2 5G and T2x 5G’s India launch date announced, will be different from Chinese models;

Google Now Launcher will stop working in April;

New Peloton Watch App lets you use your Wear OS 3+ watch as a heart rate monitor;

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra chipset, battery details revealed;

vivo X Fold2 certified with 120W fast charging;

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5’s colors tipped;

Samsung Free to become Samsung News;

Samsung Galaxy A54 lands at Verizon on April 6;

Top iPhone iOs Trends on April 05th, 2023

11-inch M2 iPad Pro lands at best price of the year in Wednesday’s best deals, Apple Watch Series 8 from $329, more;

Apple Pay promo offers free McNuggets at McDonald’s, here’s how to get ’em;

Apple Pay Later ‘early access’ rollout moving slowly, here’s how to know if you’re included;

How to turn off iPhone WiFi auto-join for public and carrier networks;

Super Mario iPhone games might not have a future, suggests Miyamoto interview;

Apple Music trademark cannot cover live performances, rules court;

Apple says it’s closer than ever to having a completely carbon neutral supply chain;

Here’s how fast users would replace a broken/lost iPhone, iPad, Mac – what about you? [Poll];

Apple tiger teams reexamining supply chain, down to screws and plastic inserts;

Foxconn earnings show 21% fall in March, expects further decrease this quarter;


Today’s Top Tech Trends – April 05th 2023: Beautiful Data of the day

Most spoken languages in the world

Today's Top Tech Trends - April 05th 2023: Most spoken languages in the world
Today’s Top Tech Trends – April 05th 2023: Most spoken languages in the world

4 emerging technologies you need to know about via Gartner...

1. Smart world expands with fusion of physical-digital experiences.
2. Productivity accelerates with #AI advances.
3. Transparency/privacy get scrutiny amid exponential growth in data collection.
4. New critical tech enablers create new business + monetization opportunities

4 emerging technologies you need to know about via Gartner: Today's Top Tech Trends - April 05th 2023
4 emerging technologies you need to know about via Gartner: Today’s Top Tech Trends – April 05th 2023

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