GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Exam Preparation App for iOS, android, Windows10

GCP Google Associate Cloud Engineer

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GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Exam Preparation App for iOS, android, Windows10

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GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Exam Prep PRO android:

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Google Associate Cloud Engineer Certification Exam Prep: Plan, Configure, Operate, Deploy, Implement and Secure Cloud Solution Environment. Quizzes and Practice Exams.

Do you want to become a modern DevOps Engineer or a Professional Cloud Associate Engineer on the Google Cloud Platform? This App is the answer.

The App covers the following categories below:

– Configuring Access and Security

Below are the skills measured in this category:

Managing identity and access management (IAM). Tasks include:

Viewing IAM role assignments

Assigning IAM roles to accounts or Google Groups

Managing service accounts. Tasks include:

Managing service accounts with limited privileges

Viewing audit logs for project and managed services.

– Ensuring Successful Operation of Cloud Solution

Managing Compute Engine resources.

Managing Google Kubernetes Engine resources.

Managing App Engine and Cloud Run resources.

– Setting Up Cloud Solution Environment

Setting up cloud projects and accounts

Managing billing configuration

Installing and configuring the command line interface (CLI), specifically the Cloud SDK (e.g., setting the default project).

– Deploying and Implementing a Cloud Solution

Deploying and implementing Compute Engine resources

Deploying and implementing Google Kubernetes Engine resources

Deploying application infrastructure using Cloud Deployment Manager.

– Planning and Configuring a Cloud Solution

The App covers but is not limited to the following Google Cloud Services below:

App engine, Compute Engine, Container Engine, Container Registry, Cloud Functions, Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Endpoints Frameworks for App Engine, Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Cloud Datastore, BigTable, Virtual Network peering, and ExpressRoute, CORS, CLI, pod, Cloud CDN, Dataproc, BigQuery, Bigtable, Pub/Sub, Cloud Spanner, Persistent Disk, Cloud Source Repositories, Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Machine Learning , Cloud Vision API , Cloud Speech API , Natural Language API, Translate API, Google Cloud Virtual Network, Cloud Load Balancing, Google Cloud Interconnect, Cloud DNS, Google Cloud IAM, Cloud Resource Manager, Cloud Security Scanner, Stackdriver, Deployment Manager, Cloud Shell, Google Cloud Billing API, etc..


– 200+ Quizzes (Practice Exam Questions and Answers)

– 3 Practice Exams

– FAQs

– No Ads

– Cheat Sheets

– FlashCards

– Score Card

– Countdown timer

– Use this App to learn Azure Admin from your phone, tablet, laptop.

– Intuitive interface

– Show/Hide answers hen completing Quizzes