Djamga: Pick Up Games Locator App

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The Djamga Pick Up Games Locator App provides Drop in Games Nearby: Pick Up Soccer, Hoops, Hockey, Shinny, Footy, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Rugby, Dodgeball, Softball, Ultimate, etc…

The Djamga  App is an amateur sports platform created by DjamgaTech.

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Djamga   objective is to allow amateur sports players to play their favourite game at their convenience without being tied to a specific team. It is also a hub for pick up soccer hockey, basketball, volleyball, flag football, etc. in the world.

Our mission is to help everyone on the planet to easily find a location to play amateur sports pick up games (Soccer, Hockey, Football, Footy, Futbol, Pelada, Basketball, Volleyball, Shiny, Rugby, Cricket, Flag Football, Rugby, Dodgeball, Badminton, Pickleball, Ultimate etc.) anytime, anywhere with no strings attached.
Pick a city near you to show the listing of amateur drop in games, leagues, clubs and facilities
In addition to the pick up or drop in games locator tool, Djamga also provide:
– Amateur Sports News
– Amateur Team Sports Facilities locator around the globe
– Amateur Team Sports Leagues around the globe
– Co-Ed Sport Blogs
– Solo and Co-Ed workouts videos

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