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Founder story:

As a software engineer, our founder and CEO was looking for ways to assess himself on new technologies like the cloud, machine learning, data science  and he couldn’t find a proper way to do it on his mobile phone.
He used to print large amounts of practice exams and quizzes to read and study on the bus and train  to and from work. He quickly realized that it wasn’t efficient.

He decided to fix it by creating a platform for everyone to  self-assess and train on any topic directly from their mobile device, anytime, anywhere, without being tracked.

We  have now created 20+ of EdTech Apps, eBooks and Print Books that are platform independent and are all available at on the Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, on the WebApple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung App stores.

Our latest Application are All in One Quiz and Brain Teaser for All Subjects  , QNN , Read Aloud For Me,  includes: General Knowledge quiz, Animals Quiz, Anatomy quiz, Arts quiz, Biology quiz, Medicine quiz, Celebrities quiz, Economics quiz, Entertainment quiz, Books quiz, Comics quiz, Entertainment quiz, Films (Movies) quiz, Netflix quiz, Music quiz, Video Games quiz, Geography quiz, Government quiz, History (Europe) quiz, Politics quiz, US History quiz, History (World) quiz, Marketing quiz, Politics quiz, Psychology quiz, Computers Science quiz, Computers quiz, Cloud Computing quiz(AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), Data Science quiz, Data Analytics quiz, Gadgets quiz, Machine Learning quiz, Mathematics (Math) quiz, SAT Math quiz, ML NLP quiz, Mythologies quiz, Nature quiz, Sports quiz, Soccer quiz, Cricket quiz, Football quiz, Vehicles quiz, US History quiz, US Geography quiz, European History quiz, World History quiz, Neuroscience quiz, Gadgets quiz, Politics quiz, and more, World News and Trivia, USA, Canada, UK, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Latin America News and Trivia, Speech Synthesizer, Text, Document and Photos Reader in your choice of language, etc…


We have also created a Machine Learning Application for Speech and Translation that doesn’t track users: Read Aloud For Me for iOS, Android, Windows, Web.




QNN – Learn and Stay Informed about your city and the world without being tracked

Download QNN on the web, iOs, android, Windows

Example: 1) How proficient are you in Data Analytics and Machine Learning on AWS, Azure or GCP? Take our quiz from your mobile phone and find out!

  • AWS Machine Learning Specialty MLS-C01 Training and Certification Prep (iOS)

Example2: How ready are you to take and pass the AWS Cloud Practitioner CLF-C01 or Azure Fundamentals AZ900 Certification? Take our practice exam from your mobile device  to find out.

1- We ALSO help organization set up their own AI Driven training and certification Preparation platform.

Our business model is based on 2 Things:

  • Quizzes work.
  • Almost everyone has and use a mobile phone or notebook.

How do you get people to demonstrate their knowledge of  your product, service, technology, concept, software, hardware, etc…?  We have the answer.

Our platform comes preloaded with popular  certification training apps, but we also create customized   quiz and training apps for our clients and make it available at Apple, Google Play, Samsung and Microsoft App Store.

Our apps are platform independent: The ability to tab on a button and take quizzes and get evaluated from any device is a great opportunity to help employees to get trained, boost their career prospects and be more productive at work.

AI Driven It and Cloud Certification Exam Preparation App for iOS, Android, Windows10.
AI Driven It and Cloud Certification Exam Preparation App for iOS, Android, Windows10.

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2- We provide Enterprise tailored mobile Emergency Readiness Application to Organizations With Step by Step Guide of Do’s and Don’t in case of emergency. Our Emergency Readiness App is called Step-By-Step

Step-by-Step: Emergency Readiness App
Step-by-Step: Emergency Readiness App

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3- We also offers Education and Certification Preparation Apps to the general public.

This is a preview of our  Platform.

Our Application can be accessible on android, iOs,  Windows and on the web.

4- We have built an App to help users get Breaking News and Learn with Trivia in Real Time without the clutter and without being tracked. The App is called QNN.

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Djamgatech Educatinal Apps Fleet iOs
Djamgatech Apps Fleet iOs


Djamgatech Apps Fleet iOs
Djamgatech Apps Fleet iOs


Djamgatech Apps Fleet Android
Djamgatech Apps Fleet Android

Pass the 2024 AWS Cloud Practitioner CCP CLF-C01 Certification with flying colors Ace the 2024 AWS Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C03 Exam with Confidence